Hometown: South Shields, UK
Genres: Ambient
Label: Solarbear Records
Members: Malcolm Jackson.

Flux is the ambient Frippertronic side to the electronica of Malcolm Jackson.

Robert Fripp used an analog delay system consisting of two reel-to-reel tape recorders situated side-by-side. The two machines were configured so that the tape traveled from the supply reel of the first machine to the take-up reel of the second, thereby allowing sound recorded by the first machine to be played back some time later on the second. The audio of the second machine was routed back to the first, causing the delayed signal to repeat while new audio is mixed in with it. The amount of delay (usually three to five seconds) was controlled by increasing or reducing the distance between the machines.

“infinity is delayed” was played in real time in 2 sessions using this technique but using modern digital delay and reverb and 7 string guitar. The music and soundscape evolve to slowly cover all areas as each layer is re-interpreted to grow into a new one with a different purpose.

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