New album from The Agency…

The Agency… tour dates

We’re happy to announce that ‘OfGhosts’, the new album from The Agency…, will soon be available..

Pre-orders are already available on Bandcamp and the band are currently promoting the album and the following dates are confirmed…with many more ‘in the pipeline’.

  • 26 April: Radio Hive 0800-1000 – we’ll play a little after 0900
  • 10 May: Belfast; Breaking Bands @ the Oh Yeah Centre
    (with Hillspeak, Thieves of Ennui, and Gemma Bradley)
  • 5 July: HMV Newcastle In Store
  • 25 July: Newcastle; Cluny 2 #OfGhosts album launch

Also, there’ll be another track from #OfGhosts coming soon…so keep your eyes open;)

Love and peace
SB x

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