The Agency… so careless

Apologies for the delay in getting news out to you, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on our music releases and they are coming thick and fast at the moment.The big news is that we’re drawing ever closer to the release of the second album ‘Of Ghosts’ from the Agency… It’s been a while in the making and Masters have been flying back and forth but we should be able to announce a release date very soon.  Exciting times.

We released ‘Child So Careless’ as a preview/lead track from the album and the response has been awesome, prompting us to put the track up on bandcamp.  It will be up for a limited time and is a free download – until the final album Masters are ready to replace it.  Additionally it comes with a remix from ‘Everything Is Noise’ – and when we say remix we probably mean re-construction.

Well worth a listen!

‘Child So Careless’  was first heard when the band performed a BBC Introducing session for Nick Roberts at BBC Newcastle, broadcast on 9 November 2013.  The band also performed versions of previous single ‘Sad Parallel’ and, lead track from their 2012 debut ‘For the Brave and Troubled’, ‘The Assassin, The Bureaucrat or The Stranger’.  Nick has kindly given us access to the session and it is earmarked for future release as bonus material. Since then ‘Child So Careless’ has had plays on NE1 FM favourites Hawaay 61 and the ever influential Hit the North East.  Over on Hive Radio there has been support from the Jumping Hot Club and Graeme Fenwick, and the band will be paying him a visit on his ‘The Record’s Bureau’ show on Saturday 26 April. Meanwhile Spark FM in Sunderland has been super supportive and through the Local Music Show the track is getting plenty of plays on the station. The track has also been picked up by internet radio stations.  One project that is particularly close to our hearts is North East Unsigned, a new station that is the brainchild of local music enthusiast Tim Coid and is designed to showcase new talent.  We’re also really pleased to have been picked up for tastemaker Dean James’s Fresh Unsigned.  ‘Child So Careless’ will feature on episode 33 of Dean’s programme and will go live in the summer.Tune Army website continue to support the group and their projects keeping people in the North East informed through their weekly news updates too.  Best of the lot though is this review from the Sound of Confusion website, check the link to their rather fabulous review of ‘She/The Temple’ here.

So, lot’s going on and, of course, there will be more news very soon, including gigs and the rest…thanks for sticking with us through this break in the transmission.

Love and Peace

The Solarbear x

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Sad Parallel – the new single by The Agency…

Released this week, the new single “Sad Parallel” by The Agency… is already winging its way around the web causing ripples of musical satisfaction.

T’was a great night at the Cumberland Arms on Sunday…a really great audience and a smashing set. This week sees the release of their new single #SadParallel and already there’s a buzz.

They have been featured on The Sound of Confusion blog and are the featured track at OuseNews too!

The single is available on iTunes, or from our online shop!



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Hawaay?!?! 61

It has already proven a busy start to 2013 for the Agency… with their new single “She/The Temple” soon to be released.

You can hear the exclusive play of ‘She’ from their new single here and it is the only place you can hear it currently pre-release. There may also be an exclusive play of the other single track ‘The Temple’ this week on the Hawaay61 show 2-4 gmt also on NE1 FM 102.5,  which you can listen to online here.

However, that’s not all that they’ve been working on.

At the end of last year the band recorded a jingle for one of their favourite local radio shows: Hawaay 61 on NE1 FM. The idea came from Alan Harrison the presenter of Jumping Hot Club Radio on the same station, as a birthday surprise for Hawaay 61 presenter John Jobling. Andy Ludbrook plays the majority of the instruments (including a first on drums) on the track, which is a cover/re-working of Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisted”. The Agency… decided to make their version rock just a little bit more , in keeping with the theme of John’s show which showcases local rock and alternative music alongside a dashing of roots and blues.

Alan has also recorded a version of the song and proves that he may have a slightly better grasp of the North East dialect than SKD manages. However, both jingles are fun takes on the tune and the Agency… was more than happy to contribute their effort to someone who is a true champion for the local music scene, as well as possessing an encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject.

Jumping Hot Club Radio airs on NE1 FM on Sundays 2300-0100

You can follow Alan and the Jumping Hot Club:


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