Rehearsal Space

We have a rehearsal space available at the Off Quay Building in Ouseburn, Byker. It’s old, but it is our home…..

At the moment we have space for another band so if you are interested you can contact us through the site. We’ll get some pics up soon but please feel free to get in touch for a visit. The rehearsal space is part of a not for profit collective so bands rehearsing keep the space going.

Each band has a designated night per week. This means you can play from 5.30pm on your chosen evening as there is a daytime noise restriction.

If the space is free on a night other than your designated night you can put yourself in the calendar and take the free one. Some people don’t update the calendar (or know it exists) so it’s probably best if you text or call one of the others (Andy, Steve or Steve) to make sure you can use it.

Each band pays £120 per month; this includes storage of equipment. Stored in a way so that other people can practice without tripping over stuff. If you want to use your own drum kit, thats cool, but you need to pack it away after your rehearsal. There is a kit to use which is always set up (and usually pretty well tuned) and also a PA, mics, stands, wedge monitors, Fender Rhodes, and as much backline as you will ever want.

Although this is only a rehearsal room, we have substantial recording facilities, which, subject to noisy bands next door, are most suited to capturing live takes from rehearsals and sessions, Recording in this relaxed manner has been the starting point to several of the Solarbear albums.

You will get a set of keys and we ask for a £20 deposit to cover the cost of the cutting. We would ask that you don’t cut keys without asking first. This protects us all as keys go missing and we all have equipment in here.

Everyone who uses the space is part of a community that help each other and we all look out for each other and respect the space and others who use it and their equipment.

There is an alarm next to the entrance. So it’s very secure. This must be deactivated when you arrive and set when you leave. As well as setting the alarm we ask that you make sure all the doors to communal spaces are locked. The unit does have a toilet and kitchen.

We also have heating…

and hot water.

Lastly, we have always been successful in getting considerate bands to rehearse here. And although it needs a lick of paint every once in a while, it has served us well.

SB (The Agency)

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