The Agency… Of Ghosts

Album Pre-Order and Immediate Download

The run up to the release of #OfGhosts is already proving eventful for the Agency… and Pre-orders of the album are now available on bandcamp. The band have now released ‘Fast’ alongside ‘Child So Careless’ available as an immediate download for anyone placing an advanced order in any format. We’ve just heard that ‘Fast’ has already been added to the 6 ‘til 6 playlist on Sunderland’s Spark FM. So, huge thanks to the Local Music Show for that!

No Country For Alt Men

Also, last weekend the lads appeared on Graeme Fenwick’s The Record’s Bureau on Radio Hive. They played a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album, namely ‘She’ and ‘Border Song’, and Graeme also managed to give them a bit of a grilling. This lead to some pretty interesting revelations, particularly from bassist Andy Ludbrook, who talked about his time as the mayor of the small Mexican border town, Gunga Chunga. First imprisoned and then forced into exile, it was Andy’s love of Gabba that was to be his ultimate downfall. You can catch up with the show here..

Peace and love

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