Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Genres: Electronica/Trance/Techno
Label: Solarbear Records
Members: Malcolm Jackson, Dave Gibson, Andy Ludbrook.

Uforix was formed in 1995 as a collaboration between Dave Gibson and Andy Ludbrook who had recently played with Dat Sabotage at Megadog at the Phoenix Festival, and Malcolm Jackson, an electronica specialist responsible for Dissorientation, and have been irregular performers throughout the following decades whilst recording a mass of cutting edge electronic dance music.

First racks were recorded during rehearsals for a gig at the legendary Riverside in Newcastle in 1995. As usual, the music was improvised and sequenced live from patterns and samples by Malcolm and Dave and with Andy playing guitar loops and MS20 synchronised to the drum machine sequences . Some of the bass drums and accidental MS20 sub bass moments not only blew the fuses which gave the album its name, but also elicited an angry phone message from the coffee morning next door – which soon inspired Housepound. Needless to say, the closing track of the gig, Fresh and Dry, blew the fuses on the Riverside PA…

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